Broadcaster, Podcaster, Teacher and Speaker.... basically I just like to talk. Usually with a microphone but I am just as happy without one. What I really love is to share... stories, triumphs, challenges, emotion and more often than not humour. 

From my incredible interviews I have learnt that authenticity is the path to resilience.  That in order to lead we must sometimes follow and that pain and challenge are always matched with joy and reward, just sometimes not when we want or expect it. 

So I share the stories, the joyful, heartbreaking and sometimes overwhelming stories. I give a voice to those that have the most to teach us.


I always say that ordinary walks in to my studio and extraordinary walk out. I am very proud to do what I do. I love it.... And I hope you do too.


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Email: hello@powerofpodcasting.com.au

​Send: P O Box 28, Darlinghurst, 1300

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